Company Profile

Jezreel Eduscience is a dynamic and innovative company that supplies technical training equipment to educational institutions and industry partners.

Company Values

Jezreel Eduscience believes in maximising the potential of South Africa's youth and thereby contributing to the long term macro-economic development of our country and the African continent. We believe that by offering training institutions the latest technology in technical education we are ensuring sustainable development opportunities for each learner which ultimately leads to a highly skilled workforce.

We value the God-given talent of each student and want to see them reach their full potential and contribute to socioeconomic status of their immediate surrounding and dependants. Our ethos is to build lasting relationships with our customers through quality products and service excellence. This comment from one customer underpins this:

thank you for the extra effort you put in to ensure a smooth presentation of the practical exercises


The company was founded in 1997 as a financial and business consultancy. In 2010, we changed direction, as we wanted to pour our expertise into the technical education sector. We have been supplying equipment and providing training to our customers since.


Our main goal is to establish Jezreel Eduscience, within the next five years, as the partner of choice for every technical education institute. South Africa has a long and rich history of both technical skilled labour force and diverse industries, strategically position to equip African and beyond. We want to continue this rich history and become a preferred supplier bridging the gap between education and industry.

Through our global partnerships we will deliver to the local educational institutes' training solutions to ensure both local and international accreditation.

Jezreel Eduscience, Your dynamic and innovative partner in educational solutions for Africa